When Companies Deceive Consumers, We Fight Back

Jones & Associates is a Texas law firm that fights on behalf of consumers who have suffered harm because of the actions of various types of companies. Deceptive trade practices of any kind are unacceptable, and companies should never intentionally deceive or cause harm to customers. Lawyer Amy Jones and her team diligently stand up for the rights and interests of Texas consumers.

When consumers suffer because of deceptive trade practices, we understand it can be difficult to navigate through the aftermath. You can rely on our support to walk you through this difficult situation, hold liable parties accountable and pursue reasonable compensation.

How Can You Know If You Are A Victim?

You may not know if what you experienced counts as consumer fraud or deceptive trade practices. We can evaluate your situation and determine if an individual or company defrauded or mistreated you in any of the following ways:

  • Advertising something not for sale
  • Inappropriate treatment from debt collectors
  • Breach of contract or breach of warranty
  • Builder is no longer communicating with you about construction defects or issues
  • Builder not responding to warranty claims
  • Misrepresenting the use of or results of using a certain product
  • Implementing false advertising practices
  • Misleading consumers about the price, ingredients, use or quantities of a product

Our experience signifies that we know how to build a strong consumer protection case on your behalf. Jones & Associates prides itself on its ability to gather a substantial amount of evidence to prove that the consumer has been a victim and that the company understood its actions while violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act (DTPA), a statute drafted for the protection of Texas consumers.

A significant portion of Jones & Associates' practice involves the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act. The DTPA means Texas consumers enjoy protection from companies that defraud consumers in many ways as well as protection from the unfair practices of those companies. If you have suffered a financial loss because of a company breaking the law set forth in the DTPA, Jones & Associates can help.

Fighting For Appropriate Damages For You

As a victim of any type of consumer fraud, you may have a rightful claim to damages under the DTPA. Our goal is to pursue the most beneficial outcome on your behalf, including the appropriate amount of compensation. This includes fair punitive damages, recovery of financial losses and more.

We offer free one-hour initial consultations and serve clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Schedule a time to meet with our consumer law attorney at our Denton office by calling 940-215-0707, or email us for an appointment.