Building Strong Claims For Victims Of Construction Defects

When there is a problem with construction work, it can cause significant financial loss and other complications. Construction defects are more than just an inconvenience — they often result in large unplanned repair costs that, if left unaddressed, are likely to cause substantial or permanent damage to the value of your home. Additionally, construction defects can place a tremendous burden on your family's financial stability, which can lead to late payments of your mortgage and/or other bills, negative hits on your credit report, and in some cases, complete financial destruction resulting in bankruptcy. Moreover, construction defects can result in your home failing to meet building code requirements and could substantially limit your ability to sell your house.

When your builder is no longer communicating with you about construction defects and issues, that is a red flag that there may be a problem. Call Jones & Associates at 940-215-0707 to get the help you need.

If you believe that a construction defect exists in your home, you have options. At Jones & Associates in Denton, we represent victims who have suffered and continue to suffer the harm related to various types of construction defects. Our experienced attorneys hold liable parties accountable and fiercely advocate for appropriate damages that both punish the wrongdoer and compensate our clients for the damages they have incurred.

Problems With Construction Projects

When you sign a contract with a builder, your builder represents that he or she will use materials that meet a specified quality and grade, and that their final product will meet consumer and industry expectations. You can hold the builder accountable for any false representations they made to you both during the contracting phase, construction phase and/or post construction phase.

Construction defects are major issues that exist in both remodeling projects and new home construction. Whether your construction project is small or large, you as a consumer have rights. Common examples of construction defects include:

  • New construction: Faulty foundations, incorrect quality or grade of materials used, failure to comply with building codes in reference to plumbing, electrical, appliance installation, faulty electrical wiring and more.
  • Contractor accepts payment but fails to perform the work: This commonly happens when contractors require a substantial portion or all of the projected construction costs up front and fail to ever return to do the work.
  • Warranty claims: Contractor or contractor warranty program fails to address timely warranty claims.
  • Remodeling projects: Contractor is not properly licensed to provide the work contracted for and fails to complete project to building codes; fails to use the specified quality and/or grade of materials; completes the project by taking shortcuts that place the structure, electrical, foundation, or other major component of the house at substantial risk; or states that work has been provided when in fact no such work has been done.

Many consumers incorrectly believe contracts that require damages to be sought in compliance with the Texas Residential Construction Liability Act prevent or limit their ability to be fully compensated. Consumers can seek full compensation; however, they must comply with the requirements explicitly, and many consumers find this to be a daunting task. Additionally, consumers fail to realize that there are numerous circumstances that are exempt from the requirements of the Texas Residential Construction Liability Act in which they can seek both punitive and compensatory damages. Although the Texas Residential Construction Liability Act can make the process to hold contractors liable more difficult, there are rights available to consumers that hold contractors accountable and allow consumers to be compensated for their damages. Our lawyers will fight for your rights.

An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

The attorneys at Jones & Associates are tenacious advocates for the rights of our clients and are dedicated to ensuring that consumers can hold contractors of all sizes accountable for failing to do what's right. We pride ourselves in slaying goliaths by remaining focused on our singular mission of holding those who harm our clients accountable to the fullest extent allowed by the law. Whether you find yourself at the settlement table or in a courtroom facing a contractor who has not fulfilled their promise, you can be confident that the attorneys at Jones & Associates are ready and willing to fiercely fight for your rights. Our founding attorney Amy Jones is a military veteran and proudly offers services at a reduced rate for active duty, retired, or veterans of the armed forces or first responders. Call 940-215-0707 or email for an appointment to discuss your case.