Hounded By Creditors? We Can Help.

If you have debt, you have likely experienced the phone calls, letters and other ways that creditors and debt collectors may try to contact you. To a certain extent, this is both expected and legal. However, there are times when the behavior of creditors step over the line and become harassment.

At Jones & Associates, we work hard to protect Texas consumers from all forms of creditor harassment and consumer fraud. Attorney Amy Jones and staff can take action on your behalf, putting an end to unacceptable treatment and advocating for your financial interests. You do not have to put up with threatening, harassing or inappropriate treatment.

Protecting The Rights Of Consumers

No matter how much debt you owe, you should not experience treatment from creditors that violates your rights. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act limits what creditors can do and outlines the rights of consumers. The following may be creditor harassment:

  • Phoning at late hours
  • Calls to your place of work after requesting they stop
  • Use of inappropriate or aggressive language
  • Attempts to deceive to collect on the debt

Amy Jones knows how to deal with credit card companies, and she routinely reduces or eliminates balances on behalf of her clients.

You may be liable for debt, but if the creditors violate the law in collecting it, you can avoid paying them anything and, in some cases, make them pay you.

In other words, you may owe debt to your credit card company or other creditor, but if they break the law and violate your rights in collecting that debt, you may not have to pay them anything. Additionally, the Fair Debt Collection Act and the Texas Debt Collection Act provide consumers the ability to collect monetary damages as a result of creditors' bad faith actions.

If you think you may be a victim of creditor harassment, it is in your interests to act quickly. These cases are time-sensitive and require a knowledgeable advocate to ensure your rights are protected.

Take Quick Action To Protect Your Interests

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