Legal Protection For Texas Consumers

Under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act (DTPA), Texas consumers enjoy protection from various types of consumer fraud and unfair practices. If a company acted deceptively, resulting in financial loss and other types of harm, we can help. Jones & Associates is a consumer protection law firm serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

Our attorney Amy Jones fights for what is right. With a background as an army veteran, she is tough, persistent and committed to the needs of her clients. She offers personalized service and experienced counsel to consumers who suffered because of any type of deceptive trade practice.

Your Rights Under The DTPA

Our goal is to fight for the interests of our clients above all. Challenging and complex cases do not intimidate us, and we work diligently to build strong cases on behalf of victims of deception, consumer fraud and more. We can help you with the following aspects of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA):

  • Chapter 541 Insurance Claims: We act on behalf of those who are suffering because their insurance provider refuses to pay on necessary claims in a timely manner or in accordance with the insurance policy. For example, there may be a maternity benefit in your policy; but if your insurance company refuses to pay for the delivery, they are probably in violation of Chapter 541. We can also help if you or a loved one suffered because the insurance company stopped paying for continued care necessary for serious or ongoing medical problems.
  • Consumer Fraud Claims: The DTPA protects consumers from issues such as unfair credit practices, breach of contract, misleading advertisements and false claims.

If you are enduring hardship because a company violated the DTPA, you may have a case. Lawyer Amy Jones acts as a tenacious and dedicated ally to consumer fraud victims. She works diligently to not only help clients reach their goals but also exceed them.

The Outcome You Deserve

You can learn more about your rights by contacting our law firm for a comprehensive assessment of your case. We offer free initial one-hour consultations, and you can request yours online or call our Denton office at 940-215-0707.