Planning For Your Future Starts Today

Jones & Associates develops strong and fully customized estate plans for their clients. By establishing a fully customized plan that addresses each client's specific needs, our clients can move forward with confidence and security that when a difficult time approaches, their assets and future needs are properly protected. Clients in Denton and throughout North Texas turn to the law firm of Jones & Associates for experienced guidance regarding wills, trusts and other estate planning needs. Whatever your estate plan needs may be, we can develop a fully customized estate plan that will grow with you over time.

Planning For The Future Includes Planning For The Unexpected

We can help you lay the foundation for a strong future by drafting a comprehensive estate plan that includes all necessary documents to meet your needs and individual objectives. Our attorney Amy Jones reviews, revises and modifies current estate plans to better address your current and future objectives. Whether or not you need a new estate plan depends on your individual objective. A review of your current plan can assist you in ensuring that proper plans are in place to meet your wishes. Additionally, a review is important at least every five years or when a major life event, such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, child adoption or death of a loved one, takes place, to ensure that your current estate plan is in accordance with the law at the time of the review and all matters related to your life event are addressed.

What Needs To Be In Your Estate Plan?

Every person's needs and objectives are different, which is why we provide personalized solutions for each client. Our lawyers custom-tailor your estate plan according to your assets, income, future financial prospects and goals for your beneficiaries. Some of the things we can help you with include the following:

  • Drafting wills
  • Establishing trusts
  • Planning for medical care and disability in the future
  • Drafting durable powers of attorney
  • Probate

In addition to creating estate plans, we can help you update your existing plan. If you have not reviewed or updated your plan within the last five years, allow us to evaluate it and ensure you are still protected. Our goal is to draft an estate plan that will grow with you and your family well into the future.

We offer a free estate planning seminar once during each quarter. Additionally, we offer educational seminars that provide information on the common pitfalls of divorce and child custody matters. Lastly, Jones & Associates is proud to offer free wills to all veterans, active duty and retired armed forces members as well as first responders at our community outreach event, which is usually scheduled each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each of these events have a specific amount of space available and tend to fill up quickly. Please contact our office or check out our Facebook page for updated information regarding these events.

Quick Action Is Prudent

Do not delay in getting the help you need to ensure your plan is current and sufficient for your needs. Contact our Denton office to discuss your estate planning and probate needs at 940-215-0707 or email us for an assessment of your case. Initial evaluations are always free.