Why You Should Hire Jones & Associates

A dear friend of Amy's once described her as, "The pit bull, you know, the dog everyone is a little scared of, but you really want to be around, and the one you definitely want in your corner when things get ugly."

Jones & Associates is a law firm that is committed to fighting for its clients. We don't quit when things get difficult, we grind it out and look for another path to accomplish our clients' goals.

"We have an addiction . . . and it's called winning. Our clients provide us with their end goal, and we strive to not only achieve that goal but also exceed it." — Amy Jones

Behind Every Win Is An Amazing Legal Team

Many times we're asked: How do you all handle the case load that you do, here at Jones & Associates? The answer is simple — "we have an AMAZING support staff." Although we pride ourselves on participating in a significant amount of client interaction, it would be impossible to accomplish the work we do without our wonderful staff. Each member of our staff contributes their maximum into every task. We are grateful for our amazing team.

"The things that I've done in life successfully, it was because I had a great team with me." — Amy Jones

Why Hire Jones & Associates For Your Legal Services?

When you have a legal issue, you want an attorney who cares about the case as much as you do. We don't give up. It's not out of style. We fight for the right. Our goal is to not only meet but also surpass your expectations. We want our clients to not just feel they got what they paid for, but to feel they got even more.

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When you need a focused, individualized strategy for your specific legal matter, give Jones & Associates a call at 940-215-0707. We offer a free one-hour initial client consultation. Contact us by phone or through our email form.