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Lack of interest and investment could lead to divorce

Many people have the hope that they will fall in love with their soul mate, get married and live out the rest of their lives together. Though this is a romantic notion, it is not one that works out for everyone, even after tying the knot. After a time, many people begin to wonder whether their marriages are heading for divorce, and some Texas residents may be having the same considerations.

Many details of a relationship could signify that it is on the rocks. For some people, if one party is always having to initiate conversations or is always trying to put some spark back in the relationship, that person can begin to feel as if his or her spouse is no longer invested in the marriage. Not being interested or invested could signal a serious issue with the relationship.

Protecting your parental rights while you're serving a deployment

You may be one of many Texas military service members who are preparing for or are currently serving a deployment overseas. In fact, it is not uncommon nowadays for service members to deploy several times within their military careers. When you leave a family behind, it can be stressful in many ways, especially if you and your spouse were having marital problems before you left.

In fact, you might have already begun the divorce process when you received orders to prepare for deployment. It can be emotionally challenging to have to put your personal problems on hold while you carry out your military duties. Especially if the situation between you and your spouse is contentious, you might be worried that he or she will try to gain the upper hand regarding child custody, alimony, child support or other issues while you're away. Knowing where to seek support can help you protect your rights.

Avoiding child custody problems when school starts back

Problems and hard feelings between Texas parents do not simply disappear once a divorce is final. There can be difficulty for years to come, even with a strong child custody plan in place. One way to avoid continued disputes is to communicate clearly and even include terms for dealing with certain school-related issues in the parenting plan.

The time leading up to when kids return to school after summer break can be stressful and expensive. When parents have no plan in place, it can quickly lead to fights over who pays for what and who is responsible for making choices for the kids. One thing parents can do to avoid problems is to agree to share back-to-school costs, including clothes and supplies. This can even be outlined in the court-ordered parenting plan. 

Consumer protection under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act

The state of Texas has taken steps to help ensure you do not become the victim of an unscrupulous company. You deserve to expect fair dealings when it comes to your interactions with companies of all kinds. In its consumer protection efforts, the state legislature passed the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

The law addresses issues such as misleading advertisements, breaches of contract, unfair credit practices and false claims a company may make. For instance, if an advertisement makes a promise or has a money back guarantee, but the company fails to fulfill those obligations, you could make a claim under the act. You may have the chance to recover your financial losses or otherwise receive restitution for the harm done to you.

Estate planning and probate matters for blended Texas families

Blended Texas families typically involve two individuals who already have an established financial history and children from previous relationships. It's not easy to join financial and legal lives, and it can take months or even longer for a couple to update accounts, change names and take other important legal steps. In the midst of all of this, it's smart not to overlook matters related to estate planning and probate.

One smart step for a person to take is to make sure his or her estate plans are updated after remarriage. If a person already has a will, this is the point when it's important to take the ex-spouse off the will and add the new one. It may also be beneficial to update things like medical directions and other documents that will need the new spouse's name on it.

Practical ways to avoid child custody problems

There are many complex feelings and difficulties involved in a divorce. Despite this, many parents find it possible to set their own emotions to the side and work together for the benefit of the children in a joint parenting agreement. Joint child custody is not the right choice in every situation, but there are ways that Texas parents can work together to address their differences and protect the best interests of their children above all else. 

One thing that parents can do to help their kids is to refrain from speaking negatively about each other in front of the kids. This can ease the stress that kids often feel over their parents' divorce, and it can help the co-parenting process. It is also beneficial when parents are realistic about expectations for joint custody. This can reduce the chance of continued disputes and miscommunication.

As a divorced parent in Texas, you have rights

When you made the decision to cut ties with your spouse by filing a divorce petition in a Texas court, you were not simultaneously abdicating your parental obligations. Neither does a divorce negate your parental rights. In short, spouses divorce spouses; parents do not divorce children. Like most parents who have gone through similar experiences, you were no doubt quite hopeful that, with lots of love and support, your kids would be able to successfully adapt to a new lifestyle.

What you didn't expect was that your ex would try to impede your parent/child relationships and would do everything in his or her power to try to turn your kids against you. Parental alienation is a real issue, and many post-divorce parents suffer when their former spouses target them. That's why it helps to know how to recognize a serious problem and also what to do about it.

Digital assets an important part of estate planning and probate

Digital assets have quickly become an important part of the average Texas resident's life. Many people depend upon digital accounts for communication, social interaction, financial transactions as well as a number of other things. With this in mind, digital assets may need to be addressed throughout the estate planning and probate process.

Many individuals have decided to utilize paperless billing and account statements. There are benefits to this; however, it also makes it difficult to follow the paper trail to discover items that may need to be taken into consideration upon one's death. To avoid potential problems, the individual will want to leave a detailed listing of all digital assets. Along with this, he or she will want to identify who should be responsible for managing these digital assets, and an updated listing of all passwords and account numbers should be kept in a secure yet accessible location.

Three things to know about father’s rights

As a father, facing a child custody proceeding can leave you feeling uncertain and even prematurely defeated about your future with your children. Old stereotypes may lead you to believe that Texas courts favor awarding mothers with sole or primary custody rights.

However, such misconceptions are both outdated and underestimate your own rights as a parent. Courts across the state favor encouraging the child’s relationship with both parents whenever possible, ultimately always acting in the best interests of the child. With this in mind, what should you know before facing the child custody process?

Steps to take now to secure a strong post-divorce future

When making the choice to end a marriage, there a specific things a person can do to strengthen his or her financial future. By being intentional throughout the divorce process, a person can lay the foundation of a strong and stable financial future. Smart money management and a fair financial settlement are smart goals to have during a divorce. 

A Texas reader will have to adjust his or her lifestyle during a divorce. It can be helpful to go ahead and start making adjustments right away by reducing spending and making a budget. This can give a person a clear view of his or financial circumstances and what lifestyle changes will be necessary during the time of separation and post-divorce transition. 

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